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Label owner, engineer, producer, piano player, synthesizer and sampling nerd, spoken word artist, Grand Hotelier:
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Stef Maldener

Stef Maldener is also maldoni

Picture yourself standing in front of a huge ocean.
You’re dead sure you're never going to remember how to swim once you get in there.

So what to do? Jump into it? Really plunge into a world that could be so delightfully easy to avoid with just a glance? Watching the clouds with a dreamy gaze.

Stef Maldener jumps into this world with his music.
He takes us down, he takes us in, and his words, in a row, never settling strands of bubbles rising upward, they escort us.
He finds a home in uncertainty, declaring discrepancy the norm, creating, and this is a bit surprising: comfort.

Where parameters of rap no longer apply, the lyrical, clear, penetrating, soulful and sometimes very tough language of expression of the artist begins.

He actually manages to make questions sound like questions. Unanswered.
To leave enough space for an answer of your own.

Who is this guy with the peculiar accent?

The caravan keeps on moving

The caravan never fails to be right

"Die Karawane" (The caravan), Single


From 1997 I have been working as a freelancer with artists from all over the world.

My original instrument is the piano.

My passion is the creative work with human & sound. This is a vast territory: microphonics, sampling, diverse recording and production techniques in analog and digital domains, including various forms of synthesis and sequencing.

For many years, I have based my studio work on a Mac with Logic and a wide range of high-quality tools and sound generators from hardware and software.

I'm happy to offer advice and help if you're looking for a musical sidekick!

I can't imagine a life without music and art.

But unfortunately there is so much misery in the world that it is not ok to deal with it exclusively and it is not enough to pursue art as an objective in itself.

Humans are social beings and EVERY HUMAN BEING IS ALSO AN ARTIST. Without participation there is no joy, no real happiness.

In the spirit of interaction and in order to build a social sculpture that will last longer and can give more meaning and hope to people than a one-time action, I gladly and lovingly participated in the Grandhotel Cosmopolis social sculpture and after all, I spent more than seven years of my life with this project.

So many unforgettable and sometimes incredibly sad encounters I had; so important instructive presents I received.

And now, afterwards, my life as an artist oscillates between striving to implement what I learned in the Grandhotel into something meaningful, and existing in what is called "reality."

Together with a partner, I founded my first recording studio, atticstudio, in the former Reese barracks in Augsburg in 1997.

Today I can offer my services as a mobile studio, fortunately I have microphonics and equipment for recording in high quality.

Producing and mixing plus overdubbing is done in the studio at home, with over twenty years of experience and always with great curiosity for new developments.

  • Tom Liwa, Eine andere Zeit (Album): Production, Recording, Mix
  • Barbara Dennerlein, It's Magic Album Editing
  • Marty Jabara, Satchmo King Of Jazz Album Editing
  • Dear John Letter, Part & Fragment Album Mixing
  • Steve Train, Lost Jack Rhodes Tapes Album Tape Restoration & Mix
  • Modular Orchester Augsburg, Album Mix
  • Many great local and touring Bands & Artists, at Atticstudio (1997 - 2006), at Rekord Café (2008 - 2009), at the Studio (2009 - 2011), at the Grandhotel Cosmopolis (2011 - 2018): for example Bob & Lisa
  • Haindling Live Recording at Tollwood Festival
  • Disney Epcot Center, Rockin' Robots Programming
  • Mixing countless Live Concerts
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Links to external Sites. all sound recordings created and mixed by stef maldener, 2020-22

"Die hervorragend abgestimmte Aufnahme des Co-Producers Stef Maldener macht die CD zu einem audiophilen Hörgenuss." (Kunstmelder)