Gentle and melody addict, tending towards introversion, Slowvox represents the opposite of rock'n'roll. We perceive some life experience, but not certainty. Tinged with melancholy and a dash of nostalgia. Forests and rivers are all around her, but she always longs for the sea.

She prefers to work during the day, alone, not too early neither too late, in a serious and sober way. Slowvox makes use of time as a plug-in.

With her remarkable voice, a pleasure to listen to, she picks you up and takes you through layers of electronically vibrating atmospheres with sounds generously built up and then stripped down again.

Her starting point is always the guitar, but Slowvox likes to let it disappear in a dress of electronic sounds, tailor-made for her by two producers.

Slowvox observes and describes the present and human relations from her own point of view, occasionally also from an imaginary one.

Slowvox is deeply in love with pop music. Her inner compass is safe to rely on.