Raphael Kestler

Perhaps there is an inner logic to everything, a plan that was not made to necessarily discover anything in particular.
We are all traveling on such a plan, and sometimes we run into each other. That's how stories are born.

Living in Augsburg by choice, he tells his stories from the beginning to the end, where the next story begins, without painting them with color for no reason. He looks into the inside of the stories, and then they are given the chance to develop their own life. As a result, on one hand his songs are catchy and coherent and at the same time mysterious, because he leaves enough room for interpretation.
His songs are not organized in a rigid corset, they are allowed to flow, and since the fourth album "Innen und Außen" ("Inside and Outside"), a sound that particularly emphasizes the depth of sound also contributes to this.
His guitar playing, generally powerful and sometimes unexpectedly subtle, and a line-up of drums, bass, electric guitar and keys form the foundation.

He has always enjoyed working with different instrumentations, especially with ensembles from classical chamber music such as strings, woodwinds and brass.

INNEN UND AUSSEN was released on March 4th, 2022 on Selma Records and is available as CD, or download, via our Bandcamp store, and can be found on the relevant streaming platforms.

Walking unsteadily, we keep going straight ahead.


How do you know when to turn around, how can you stop again?

"Die Bäume" (The trees), Album INNEN UND AUSSEN