Selma Records'  mobile studio: scalable from mini to maxi*.

What is the essence of a recording studio? Is it the rooms or is it the technical equipment? Of course both - not to mention the history, fame and previous releases that have been produced there.

You can also record excellently in your living room. Or in completely new locations.

A location where the acoustics are better to you than anywhere else. A place that inspires you and makes you feel comfortable when you sing. Maybe even a place where no one has ever recorded an album before?


Feel free to call or email so we can discuss your project in an informal, no-obligation manner.

High-quality equipment and expertise

- and fun!


scalable recording set options:



  • simultaneous recording of up to 24 channels (max. 48 khz, 24 bit) or up to 16 channels (96 khz, 24 bit) or up to 8 channels (192 khz, 24 bit)
  • high-quality microphone preamps: 16 channels metric halo 2882 3D, 8 channels audient asp008
  • a/d converters synchronized to the clock of the metric halo 3d system for maximum transparency of the received signal
  • hardware modeling by state-of-the-art fpga system for different sound aesthetics from super clean to vintage
  • monitoring: up to 16 separate channels mono or 8 separate channels stereo (or any combination thereof) for the artists on headphones, each with or without click
  • additional sound sources, samplers, etc. can be integrated into the recording chain as desired, also possible as inserts on up to 8 inputs and outputs (with simultaneous use of up to 16 additional inputs and 8 headphone channels mono or 4 stereo)

the Key feature of our system is its modularity. all input and output paths can be connected in any way, as it is only possible in software, but with a maximum of 1.5 ms practically latency-free like analog hardware. without clicks and pops and drop-outs.

the microphones shown are in the selma records inventory - plus a handful of others for special applications. just ask!

the mixing suite of selma records (formerly is based on the described metric halo system in combination with logic pro x on an imac with 24 gb ram(Macos Monterey). a selected set of high quality plug-ins from waves, native instruments, metric halo, eventide etc. is at disposal. furthermore, selma records regularly uses: melodyne editor v5, spectralayers v8, native instruments maschine v2 with maschine studio hardware, emagic logic control, rtw primus multi analyzer and we got the terrific lexicon m300 from 1993 as our hardware reverb.

A few technical details

Selma records' synthesizers and samplers are another highlight and can be booked for sessions.

these are:

    sequential prophet 6 analog poly synthesizer
    vermona '14 analog solo synthesizer
    waldorf microwave xt digital wavetable synthesizer (2000)
    ensoniq asr-10 keyboard sampling workstation (1993) fully expanded
    akai mpc x music production center

Non-binding consultation on the phone:

+49 821 40 877 977

My services:


  • High-quality music and sound recordings
  • Album or single production in one hand on demand: pre-production, conception, audio engineering, miking, multitrack recording with perfect monitoring
  • Vocal & instrumental
  • Creation of multisamples and
  • Mixing, stem mixing, premastering

This is what you get when you work with Selma Records:


  • Informal & friendly initial consultation on your project
  • Binding commitments for dates & costs
  • Reliable completion of the agreed
  • A special production according to your
  • On request: ISRC codes, EAN code and GEMA registration.