Picture yourself standing in front of a huge ocean.
You’re dead sure you're never going to remember how to swim once you get in there.

So what to do? Jump into it? Really plunge into a world that could be so delightfully easy to avoid with just a glance? Watching the clouds with a dreamy gaze.

Stef Maldener jumps into this world with his music.
He takes us down, he takes us in, and his words, in a row, never settling strands of bubbles rising upward, they escort us.
He finds a home in uncertainty, declaring discrepancy the norm, creating, and this is a bit surprising: comfort.

Where parameters of rap no longer apply, the lyrical, clear, penetrating, soulful and sometimes very tough language of expression of the artist begins.

He actually manages to make questions sound like questions. Unanswered.
To leave enough space for an answer of your own.

Who is this guy with the peculiar accent?

The caravan keeps on moving

The caravan never fails to be right

"Die Karawane" (The caravan), Single