What's up, 2023 ?



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By the time the first two albums were released on Selma Records, we had all been experiencing the Corona Crisis for two years. Finally the lockdowns were over.

From then on, playing concerts, *the* source of income for musicians, became like gambling, you draw a lot and if you're lucky, the gig will happen.

We didn't anticipate that the situation for the vast majority of artists wouldn't get better, but even more precarious.

Nevertheless, they continue to work and need to be heard.

Currently, our main focus is on the virtual world and we ask you to support the artists on Selma Records and the label by buying the music you love as a download via our Bandcamp store.

Releasing CDs or vinyl is the exception for Selma Records, despite the fact that we love it!

You are welcome to listen to our music anytime on the streaming portal of your choice, we do supply everyone!

But there is no fair payment with streaming.

For peace of mind, join us on Bandcamp, you will even get an invoice!

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