Farhad Sidiqi, who gave himself the nickname Jooyenda 'the seeker', invites us to look deep into the Afghan state of mind ... and the pain is hard to measure in the face of religious despotism, destruction of cultural values, resurgence of brutal oppression of women and queer people, but you cannot stay silent in the face of it.

His solo debut on Selma Records was made possible by a successful crowdfunding effort that allowed Farhad to fulfill a wish of his heart - he takes us on a journey through the last ten years of his career.


From Persian Pop, the path leads through very substantial modern ballads and timeless rock songs, and finally to the furious dance track "Kabul".


Farhad is not one to mince words when it comes to Afghanistan, but he is tired of putting the damn war in the foreground over and over again.

On his latest album, now his fourth, "Innen und Außen" (Inside and Outside), Raphael Kestler conjures up ghosts. These are ghosts of the present. They haunt lovers when everything is at its best - on vacation or on the eve of their own wedding - but also children and their parents, „wenn Eltern querdenken“ (which refers to the pandemia denying „Querdenker“ movement in Germany). The album examines the now as well as conflicts that immediately surround us all and do not want to let go.

The album sings about the utopia of a standstill, which people unsuccessfully chase after as soon as they can no longer call themselves children ...

       ... "when did it stop, when did my head stop letting me go on vacation all by myself and act as if" ...

"Time to say no to unjustice"


Maldoni: message to the Heart of society that is not a heart

In 2001, piano player and synthesizer nerd Stef Maldener aka MALDONI found his very own way of spoken word, calm and flowing, with a tendency to be quite frank about his perception of the world. He never had to suffer from hunger, his skin and passport are internationally valid.

In his current work he is concerned with the relationship of people to the "middle of society". Is that the goal and purpose of life? So where are all the other people and the living beings that belong to them - do they just have to go away?

We need plain language with each other and open eyes and hearts, otherwise there is no peaceful life.

As for the right-wingers, he has only contempt for them, but he keeps asking himself:

"Where has the love gone in them? Your brother, he is not there anymore"

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